Monday, April 13, 2015


Hi! I'm suffering from a severe writer's block. There's something about Blogger that freaks me out. I don't feel like I belong here anymore. I've actually even considered moving my blog to some other blogging platform, at the same time I'm not sure it would still feel like the same blog. I don't know. It just feels so official to write here and I wish I were able to show you more casual photos and not stress about every photo I post here or watch my words closely. At the same time, I'm confused whether this is the right place to speak my mind. I created Lost in the Wardrobe to give you inspiration and share some tips. When I lost my partner in crime to London, I know I'm not able to create this kind of content without her. I should probably stop over-thinking and get myself back here, right?

I'll share the rest of the photos soon!
1 IMG_6533


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Toy Syndrome

I was watching an episode of a tv show called Girls (S03E05) and I spotted a really cool shirt with pink lizards. I paused the show, googled for the shirt and luckily found it. There's a company called Toy Syndrome (click) that makes unimaginably cool clothes. They are bold and unique, and I love the whole collection. Although, my favourite one must be the cropped tee with roaches. Which one do you like the most?



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dots with dots

Shirt: Seppälä / Skirt: Nowistyle / Boots: Seppälä / Photos by Anete Palmik
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1 _O1A0036-2
1 _O1A0097
1 _O1A9976
1 _O1A9986


Monday, February 23, 2015


I really like a Chrome extension called Momentum that I downloaded from Chrome Web Store (click). Not only does it show you time, it also greets you and allows you to write down your main goal of the day and create a to-do list. I haven't got bored of it yet, cause the background changes every day so there's a small excitement every day when you open Chrome. Moreover, the photography is always breathtaking and the location where the photo was taken is also mentioned down in the left corner. I really enjoy having it on my computer and I thought maybe some of you would like to have it too!



Monday, February 9, 2015


Over the past two years I've been been letting go of colourful clothing that I don't feel comfortable wearing. In addition, I've started adding more versatile pieces to my wardrobe and ones that I don't get bored of easily. I really like this Morbid Girl 1 sweater by Tauri Västrik which reminds me of the value of clothes in general. We are used to getting clothes so easily from the stores that we forget how much work is put into creating them.

Coat: New Yorker / Scarf: Zara / Pants: Seppälä / Sweater: Tauri Västrik / Boots: Panama Jack / Photos by Julia Sh
9 IMG_6048
9 IMG_6001
1 IMG_6010
9 IMG_6044
9 IMG_5998


Thursday, February 5, 2015

3 years

I'm not kidding when I tell you that I've already lost count of how many times I have tried to write a first post after a long pause. The last draft I wrote was pretty deep and almost depressing so I changed my mind and decided to start this year more positively. I really like the idea that the hardest times in our lives teach us the most. I've been learning so many things about myself and who I want to be during the past couple of months. I didn't intend to stop blogging but I didn't feel like socialising and sharing my struggles here, so I kept quiet. And cut my long hair off. There's no weight on my shoulders anymore and I feel free. You'll see the result in my next post.

Winter months have always been a weird time here in my blog. I was really surprised when I checked the date and realised today is my blog's 3rd birthday! I'm thankful for all of you who still come back here to read my blog and I wish I'd find the way to show you my gratitude. If there are any requests what posts would you like to see or read more, please leave them down in the comment section. I'll try my best to create them.

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