Friday, November 28, 2014

Until then

I don't have much to tell you. I feel like I need much more alone time as soon as the weather gets colder. The lack of daylight makes me want to stay home, burn candles and watch tv-shows. Schoolwork keeps me busier than ever and I've rarely paid attention to the clothes I've been wearing. I'm really thankful to all of you who still come back to my blog to see if there's any updates. University has been like a hurricane messing up my life, but I promise I'll get my life back on track since I really miss all of this.

Waistcoat: HERE / Turtleneck: United Colours of Benetton / Skirt: Second-hand / Hat: Lindex / Photos by Claudia


Monday, November 24, 2014


Yesterday was my 20th birthday. Growing up is weird and scary, but I feel like I'm ready to face the next decade of my life. I had literally the sweetest morning starting the day with a cake my mom and my little sister had made for me. My dad had written me a letter of how he remembers my childhood and what kind of a kid I was, and my sister got me a fun bookmark. Also it's about time to start planning my trip to London as it was a part of my birthday gift in addition to the London city guide. My mom highlighted that this gift won't be a one-way ticket and I have to get back from there, although I'm really tempted to get away from here.

20th b-day
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Monday, November 10, 2014

Wish you were here

Looking at these photos makes me miss summer and those warm days when you didn't need to worry about all the layers of clothing to keep you warm. 
This dress is totally out of my comfort zone. Although I like over-sized clothing, I've preferred to wear fitted and girlish dresses. 
This one is quite huge but at the same time really comfortable, so I made an exception. 

Headband: Lindex / Dress: Lindex / Shoes: Blink
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1 IMG_2833
1 IMG_2904
1 IMG_2715
1 IMG_2725
1 IMG_2718


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Take a step

I've tried to upload these pictures about 1000 times already, but there were some problems with Flickr, and I couldn't get these photos to be seen on my blog. There were so many great photos (the second one is actually one of my favourites) from the last photo shoot I did with Julia that I thought I'd give you a sneak peek before showing you the rest of them. Now I'll leave to have dinner with my dad - after all it's Father's Day today!

1 IMG_2890
1 IMG_2758


Sunday, November 2, 2014


Finding great outerwear from second-hand stores can be tricky so last year when I saw this maxi coat, I didn't care how big it is and I made sure it would come back home with me. Since it was extremely cold that day, I knew I wouldn't have a chance to wear it until next year so try to imagine how happy I was when I found it in the attic. Although I must admit that this blue colour was so much harder to be styled than I thought at first. // Vahel harva juhtun leidma kaltsukatest laheda mantli ning eelmisel aastal jõudis see sinine minu riidekappi. Olin ammu pika mantli ostmist kaalunud ning vaatasin läbi sõrmede selle hiiglaslikule suurusele. Külma talve tõttu jäi see järgmist aastat ootama ja õnneks leidsin selle enne, kui jälle lumi maas on. Kuigi esmalt tundus see sinine värv väga lihtne ja mitmekülgne, pean tunnistama, et selle juurde sobiva riietuse leidmine oli tunduvalt raskem, kui arvasin.

Hat: Seppälä / Coat: Second-hand / Scarf: Seppälä / Sweater: Gaultier for Lindex / Pants: Seppälä / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Photos by Julius
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1 IMG_3828
1 IMG_3859
1 IMG_3864
1 IMG_3816
1 IMG_3851


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Photoshoot I with Anete Palmik

Here are the photos Anete took a year ago, when we first met. You can find her FB page HERE and her blog HERE.


Monday, October 20, 2014

I wish I could

Long time, no see, huh? As the weather gets colder, my blog becomes quieter. I've asked you many times what your favourite posts are and the majority of you say outfit posts. Well, they are my favourites too and when the temperature falls near zero degrees, I'm not very eager to shoot outside anymore. It's almost impossible to take photos indoors I start feeling bad about not being able to blog. Luckily a couple of days ago Anete told me that she'll come Tartu so we could shoot. We had so much fun last year (I forgot to post those photos, but I'll show them soon) that I ignored my runny nose and sore throat and threw off my jacket for this photoshoot. We also had Claudia with us who took some behind the scenes photos and if you're interested in seeing them, here's her blog (click). // Blogi on vaikseks jäänud. See on kahjuks paratamatu ilmade külmenemisega kaasaskäiv nähtus. Paljude lemmikpostitused on minu outfittidest ja tunnistan, et need on minu lemmikud ka. Kui temperatuur nullini langeb, on pildistamine järjest ebameeldivam ja ootan pikisilmi, millal temperatuur natukenegi tõuseks, et saaks jälle mõned pildid teha. Sees pildistamist ma olen vältinud, sest siseruumides hea koha leidmine on veelgi raskem kui väljas. Kui Anete mulle ütles, et on laupäeval Tartusse tulemas ja tahaks minuga pildistada, polnud mul kahtlustki, et nohu või kurgu valu mind sel korral takistaks. Oleme korra varem ka koos pildistanud ja seega olin valmis korraks mantli seljast viskama. Claudia oli ka meiega kaasas ning tegi "behind the scenes"-pilte, mida võite ta blogist (click) järele vaadata!