Monday, July 28, 2014

Positivus 2014 recap

Yesterday I received photos from Positivus festival and I thought I would share them here.
All the photos (except the second one) were taken by Julius with his analog camera, so they look different from everything else you've seen on my blog. 

We started driving to Positivus the day before the festival started. It was such beautiful evening!
We spent the night at a camping place near the Latvian border because it was late and we didn't want to arrive at the festival in the dark. Here's a photo that I took in the morning while they were making porridge for breakfast. We didn't have any salt with us, and we accidentally put too much sugar in there.
We arrived at Positivus at noon, and after we had put up our tents, we explored the festival area. 
I got my nails painted at Maybelline's counter, and I although I haven't been amazed by Colorama nail polishes, I was really surprised that this stayed on my nails without a top coat for the whole festival.
Sea of tents
 We spent the next morning on beach. I had accidentally chosen to wear my bikini top under the shirt that day, so I was also able to do some sunbathing too.
I hope you got free Tuc crackers, at least we did!
The last concert of the second day was Kraftwerk's. It was really awesome, and I was surprised that I liked them because I'm not a huge fan of electronic music.

I don't have photos of the third day, since there were some struggles consiering that the film was full. On Sunday all the bands I was most excited about played, so I'll remember that day most clearly in my head. 


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Spikes and buckles

The weather in Tartu is actually nothing like what you see in the photos. It's really hot and I've been wearing the most breathable clothing I own. These photos are from last week and were taken before I left for Positivus festival.

I bought these pants about two or three years ago and even though I haven't used them lately, I really like how the colour matches with my hair colour. As soon as I saw this blouse, I knew they'd look great with these pants. Spikes and buckled heels are perfect for finishing this look, and I really like the result.

Blouse: Front Row Shop / Pants: Zara / Headband: Lindex / Shoes: Second-hand (Zara) Photos by Julia Sh


Thursday, July 17, 2014

What to bring to a music festival

This weekend the biggest music festival in Baltic states called Positivus wil be held. Last year I did  voluntary work as a photographer and I took photos in front of the stage and in the "Meet and greet" room. I bet the whole festival experience was lot different from the regular visitor's one, but I still enjoyed it a lot. This year I didn't apply to be a photographer - I wanted to listen to my favourite bands and spend time with my friends rather than work there.

I thought I should share some tips on what you should bring to a music festival.

1. A mosquito repellent
2. Dry shampoo
3. Sunscreen
4. Hand sanitaizer
5. Baby wipes
6. Mirror
7. Spot treatment

I didn't include my wellies here, but last year it rained on the first day of the festival and I'm quite sure there were many people who would've liked to have clothes and shoes to keep them dry. If you go by car  there's certainly some room left to take your rainwear with you.

Don't forget to bring some warm clothes with yourself as well. Last year the weather was too cold to wear the skirts and shorts I brought with me. Luckily one of my friends came to the festival later than I, so I asked him to bring me a couple of sweaters and a warmer jacket to keep me warm during evenings.

Also you should do research and write down the artists you'd definitely want to hear. You'd not like to miss your favourite artists.

I hope this post was helpful!

Have you ever been to Positivus festival? Are you going to attend the festival this year?


Monday, July 14, 2014

A day in Pärnu

On Saturday me, my mom and my sister made a roadtrip to Pärnu, which is known as the summer capital here in Estonia. We were really lucky to have warm sunny weather and after walking around the city, we headed to the beach and laid there for hours. I've been to Pärnu when I was younger but I don't remember much about it. That trip won't be my last because I loved the city! Here are some photos of the day showing you fascinating graffiti, an old school house, my younger sister and some photos of my comfortable outfit.

Shirt: Seppälä / Dungaree: New Yorker / Cardigan: Lindex / Sunglasses: Seppälä / Shoes: River Island / Watch: Michael Kors


Friday, July 11, 2014

My hair care favourites

Back in December I received an e-mail from RICH hair care and got a chance to pick out some products to try. During that time I had used up a bottle of hair oil and really needed a new one so I decided to pick a bottle of that, a shampoo and a hair mask. I didn't want to write about after a couple of weeks I received them because I wanted to see how they work in the long run and then I forgot to blog about them.

First of all, all these products smell amazing. The smell of argan oil is really specific but I really like it. Secondly, that shampoo has taken good care of my red hair colour since I love to take hot showers and I enjoy washing my hair with cold water too much ( washing hair with cold water should keep a colour brighter for longer). After using this hair mask, my hair is super soft and they don't feel dyed at all. I haven't used many hair masks so I can't compare this one to anything else, but it does the job for me. Lastly, when I used this hair oil on one of my friend's hair, she told me that I must blog about this hair oil, because she actually felt the change of her hair. I've tried quite many hair oils and this isn't too heavy but you can definitely feel the change after using it.

I know this post sounds like an advertisement, but this is my honest opinion of these products and I really love them. I've repurchased that shampoo about three or four times now even though it's pricier than products from supermarkets. Because of the price, I've been super careful about not using too much product at once, and these have lasted a lot longer than any of the hair products I've used before.


Monday, July 7, 2014

But I'm still here

I'm sure some of you have been hoping to see my blog more active (at least that's what I see from my blog's stats). I've been taking a lot of time to study for university entrance exams and not to leave revising to the last minute. I met one of my friends today and it felt really weird to heard about everything she has done after the graduation since I've barely left the house. I also received a comment from one of you asking what I'll be studying next year. Well, it really depends on the exam I'm taking on Wednesday, and I'm letting you know as soon as I get the final results.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Strange birds

Too many times I've heard people say that it's such beautiful sunny weather that it's a must to take photos of it. Well, if you have a bit more experience with taking photos, you'll know that harsh sunlight is one of your biggest enemies. Since I haven't posted that many outfits lately, we still decided to go and take some photos. 

This outfit is super comfortable and I've been basically living in this new cardigan. I needed some change from the dark and thick ones that I'd been using during winter and spring. This beige one from Lindex's sale section is lightweight and really comfy. These tights found a way to my wardrobe years ago, but hadn't worn them much since. I really like how they look with graphic tee and neutral colours, so I'll start wearing them more often.

Shirt: Nowistyle / Shorts: Zara / Cardigan: Lindex / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Tights: Old (don't remember where I bought them)