Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Past month

The past couple of weeks have been busy and I've been really enjoying it! I got an invitation to ERKI fashion show so I invited Julia with me and we made a trip to Tallinn. I also went to the printing museum and attended a galaxy printing workshop. I didn't get a good photo of the result and took a photo of stamps instead. The weather has been moody which has made the sky look spectacular more than once! I also saw Tartu's most known sculpture "Kissing students" without its umbrella. I've been addicted to grapefruit for months now and I found out that one of my favourite cafes in Tartu sells fresh grapefruit juice! I had a party with my classmates and we celebrated the end of high school, although we haven't graduated yet. The next day we visited Estonia's highest 'mountain' and drank ice cream cocktails. Then it was time to go to Tallinn again and I was a model in a fashionshow and had blue lipstick. After coming back home I've been spending time with my sister and my dog and taken some time off.

What do you think about these types of posts? Should I continue doing these?

These photos are from my phone and my instagram account (@evamariakeranen)



  1. I'd love to see these post just to just get to know you and your life a bit better. :) Love the blue lipstick and the very last shot (with your sister, right?).

    1. That's so great to hear! I'll try my best to share more because I also like reading those blogs where bloggers share their personal life with their readers. :)